Keep Learning

When we stop learning, we stop growing, When we stop growing we stop living. In essence, if you stop learning, you are dead! Mic Drop!

The above statement is for all the know-it-alls out there. No one knows everything. Not even you. No disrespect. You may have been around a very long time, but new inventions and innovative methods of doing things are being discovered daily. An open mind keeps us young and hip. That's good if you like that sort of thing. I want to stay young and hip as long as possible. Except I'm not sure if the young people are saying "hip" these days. Someone help! "Young and popping!" That's better...."poppin" without the g. Do you see how things change?

If you disagree, be sure to leave a comment. We'd love to read all the knowledge and wisdom you have to share. Really, we would.