When do you feel empowered?

empower: (some internet synonyms) to give the authority, to qualify, building confidence, the development of personal skills, to be a meaningful contributor, to make stronger and more confident especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

I feel most empowered, or confident, when I do something that I want to do badly or go somewhere even though no one else wants to do it or go. The last time this happened was November 2016 when I wanted to catch my local high school’s football game. Well, I did not have anyone around who would go with me. I got myself together and strutted down to the game and had a fantastic time with my wonderful family who called me over to sit with them. Thank you, Sonya and DeAngelo! I am also quick to go out to eat alone. I learned to do that many years ago. It was difficult for a while, but if you do something enough, it tends to get easier.