Keep Believing

Keep believing, keep the faith. There will be a time when your faith is high and things are progressing just as you’ve envisioned. Suddenly there is a pause. You’ve almost come to a halt. Now what? Keep believing, keep the faith. “But Ms. Empowerment Engineer, things seem to be going in the opposite direction.” Okay, so? What does that have to do with reality? Jesus is still moving on your behalf. It is a part of the process. Reality is that your dream and vision that God gave you will come to fruition. Keeping the faith when things seem bleak is crucial. Hold your head up and trust God. Momentum will pick up as you stay close to Jesus. His hand is at work. All that He promised will happen. Keep your eyes on Him and continue the exciting journey of this faith walk. Relax in Him. Take a load off, get a pen and paper and journal your journey to remember this short period of time before the breakthrough.  Keep believing and keep the faith!

We can do all things through Christ Philippians 4:13. As the song writer wrote: Stand on the promises of Jesus. He will do what He said He will do. We are EMPOWERED BY JESUS CHRIST THROUGH FAITH!