Never Alone!

Alone? Never. We can depend on Jesus always being here for us. Are you trusting that a person will always be around for you? Bad idea. Human beings have limitations and do not have the capability to stay with us at all times. At some point we will end up disappointed by man. It could be something as simple as a loved one or friend who was caught in traffic or was held up at work or school to something as major as death.

When Jesus was in human form and in flesh he died and went away until he rose on the third day. At the time of his physical departure he told his disciples he would not leave them comfortless and the  “Father shall give another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;” Therefore, if our loved one or friend cannot be there for us, we can depend on the comfort and constant companionship of our Savior. (John 14:16-20) Holy Spirit [(the Spirit of truth: Jesus: the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6)] dwells with us always and forever. (Matthew 28:20) He will never leave us nor forsake us.(Hebrews 13:5) Jesus wants us to lean and trust in him. Sometimes Jesus allows relationships to fade for a season to teach us that he is present and he alone is enough to sustain us. Many of us can be reminded of the times when we thought we were alone and the Lord showed up and showed out on our behalf and we now realize when it seemed like we were alone, we weren’t.

If you desire more human connections, ask for it in the name of Jesus, and he will do it. (John 14:13-14) He will lead you and guide you to a church home where you can assemble with like minded believers to share the glorious wonders of Jesus Christ.  He will send people to you that you will be able to foster meaningful, fulfilling relationships with. Be empowered to stand alone in Christ until he joins you with your God ordained mate, tribe or squad who will add value to your life for the purpose of building you and His kingdom. My empowered friend, take comfort in knowing with or without human beings, you are truly never alone! Jesus is always with us.