Biblical Meditation & Stretching

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"Put your mask on first, and live in Jesus's Light of Love, Honor, and Peace."

MOGAS Meditation and Stretching is the very core of MOGASlife with emphasis on developing a more intimate relationship with God Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and Self with Christ dependency.

What's included:

  • Invitation to Christ (Salvation)
  • Training on How to Meditate on God and Stretch God's way: reading, speaking, and seeing scriptures with "faith sight" and stretching the body (with NO relationship to yoga)
  • Training on how to develop a closer relationship with God Trinity and Self (with Christ dependency) through Jesus's Light of Love, Honor, and Peace
  • Training on How to Lead others to Christ with integrity and good character
  • Training on Finding Purpose

Development of these fundamental relationships is what is needed in building purposeful relationships with Jesus Christ, Self with Christ Dependency, Others, and our Environment.

Benefits may include greater peace, purpose, connection and a light-filled life from the Prince of Peace and the Light of the world, Jesus Christ.

Customization is available upon request.

Phone: (800) 973-9037

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