The Root

The word of the week of June 18, 2017 was “root“. This is the continuation of a draft I began on that date. Today is February 25, 2018 and I heard this word over and over again. The week before, on June 10th I had a brief conversation about someone who had dental work done on a wisdom tooth. When I asked how the person was doing, the response was, “They had left some of the tooth in and that’s why there was still a problem with pain.” My response was, “Oh, I see, they had to go back and get the root out. Literally and figuratively, they have to get to the root (origin) of the problem.” Just a few hours later, my dad was helping me with yard work and I mentioned that I will try my hands at cleaning the flower beds for the first time. (Usually I am not that girl because I don’t like bees and worms.) My dad said to me, “You better make sure you get the root out because if you don’t, those weeds will come back!”

As I was cleaning the flower bed, I noticed that some of the weeds were very easy to remove. Others were lot more stubborn and difficult. I did not realize that the roots of grass and some weeds actually traveled. Just as some problems travel through genetic bloodlines. I would pull at the weed and had to follow the long root system and then dig deep in the ground for the base of the root. My thoughts then were if we do not get to the bottom of the problems we face, the problem will not fully go away and it worsen. Many of us has found ourselves in the same situation over and over again. It may be addictions to drug, alcohol, and/or the wrong people. Whatever it is, the way we get to the root is to ask ourselves the questions, Why is this problem here? Why does this keep happening? Where did it start? How do I kill the root? Like the easily removed weeds, the root of some problems can be easily traced. However, there are those long deep rooted problems we need to get to the source of. Those are more challenging. Research family history and roots. Is this an issue that has lasted through multiple generations?

Trace it and if you find it call it by name as you seek help from God to deliver you and cleanse your bloodline from the root of that issue. A mental healthcare provider may also be helpful in helping you trace the root of certain problems. If you are unable to trace it, ask God to reveal it to you. If it still isn’t revealed to you, again, it always helps to pray, “Lord take out the root of this issue.” Not until that is addressed and resolved, the issue, rather natural or spiritual, will have a tendency to reoccur unless of course, God intervenes. If you want solutions and relief, if you want to break cycles, dig out the root!