Ultimate Resort


The very best, ALL INCLUSIVE BETTER-THAN-RESORT destination ever is available to you FREE OF CHARGE! Satisfaction guaranteed! There is a guarantee of no incidents, no accidents, no pain, no disappointments or sorrow. There are many mansions in this resort. The gates are pearl clad, the foundations of the walls are bedazzled with precious stones, and the streets are made of pure gold! Enjoy the Light of day continuously! That’s right there is no darkness. You can catch rays as often as you’d like.

SERVICE is impeccable! The Creator of the superior better-than-resort city will even wipe your tears away from your eyes. Security is extremely tight. Only believers of Jesus, the righteous and holy, will be permitted through the gates. Those people who are fearful (allowing fear to cause sin and/or to deny Jesus), unbelieving, abominable (nasty, foul, hateful), murderers (those who take the lives of others, unborn babies, self), whoremongers (sexually immoral), sorcerers (those practicing witchcraft and voodoo), idolaters (those who are worshipers of any other gods), and liars are not permitted and will actually be destroyed forever in the lake of fire.

If you are fearful, unbelieving, nasty, foul, hateful, a murderer, a whoremonger, a sorcerer, an idolater and/or a liar you can simply do the following to gain entry into the better-than-resort city:

  1. admit your sin(s) immediately,
  2. deny your sin(s) and the devil,
  3. ask Jesus to forgive you for your sin(s) and come into your heart,
  4. tell Jesus that you believe He died on the cross for your sins and rose again from the dead
  5. thank Jesus for saving your soul and keep His commandments

Now that that’s all covered by the blood of Jesus, let’s continue.

You have the opportunity to stay as long as you’d like; for eternity as a matter of fact. No one has ever been known to desire to leave.

SPA services are divine. Before entering the city, years will be taken off your appearance and you will be filled with vitality and vigor and all things will become new. The GREAT PHYSICIAN will tend to your every ailment and even perform divine plastic surgery before entry. That’s right! You will enter into the gates with a squeaky clean bill of health!

The AMENITIES are too great to mention them all. They will exceed your greatest expectations.

Please take advantage of this one time opportunity while it lasts.

State of the art transportation is provided. The one stipulation is that you leave all baggage behind.

I will see you behind those beautiful pearly white gates of the ultimate better-than-resort destination called HEAVEN!               Revelation 21 and 22