Core Relationship Coaching

Connect with yourself, God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.




External Relationship Coaching

Connect with others.





Relationship and Connection Speaking

Help others connect. 





"Meditate on God and Stretch with LOVE, HONOR, and PEACE."

Meet Kimbrelle, Ms. MOGAS!

MS. MOGAS, Kimbrelle Eugene, is a Christ-follower, founder and CEO of MOGAS, LLC, award-winning certified teacher, a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, and mother to three wonderful children. Kimbrelle accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and was water and Holy Spirit baptized at an early age.

She loves to package her past hurts and hurdles of divorce, miscarriages, and the loss of her mother along with her triumphant testimonies to positively impact others to help build strong and meaningful relationships while giving God the glory for it all. She calls this abundant and purposeful living.

Her motto is, "A better me betters you, betters us, and betters our world: Love all, Honor all, Follow Peace with all."

ESTABLISHED January 31, 2019

MOGAS, LLC: We meditate and stretch, we coach, we speak, and help to build relationships from the inside out. We are here to help you connect in all your relationships. Are you ready? Come on, let's go!


MOGAS envisions a world of mogis; those who meditate on God and stretch with Jesus, know their purpose, connect to the light who is Jesus Christ, connect with themselves who are temples for Holy Spirit, and others by sharing the light of Jesus and who treat themselves and others, and with love, honor, and peace.


MOGAS's mission is to empower and encourage citizens of the world to meditate on God and stretch in order to develop meaningful relationships, and a purposeful, light-filled life through the message of love, honor/respect, and peace which starts with Jesus, then self, and others.

Mission and Vision in a nutshell:

  • Purposeful life
  • Light-filled life
  • Loving, Honorable/Respectful, and Peaceful relationships

In an effort to love and honor God and others, MOGAS, LLC helps others through donations and prayer.

Send a prayer request and MOGAS's Battering Rams will stand with you in prayer.


The goal of MOGAS is to lead others to Jesus Christ and biblical teachings and to help them develop a more intimate relationship with God Trinity to realize truth: true light, true hope, true love, true honor, true peace, and true joy, and to help them foster a connection with self and others.

Core Values

  • Love
  • Honor
  • Peace


Let us know your needs today! Individuals, businesses, organizations of any size is the right fit for us!

Kimbrelle Meditates
Picture John Maxwell and Kimbrelle

Stay calm and stay connected.


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